Township of Sparta

Snowstorm Guidelines



  • Snow into the Roadway:   Please do not deposit snow onto the roadway, or a neighbor’s property, either by plowing, snow blowing, or shoveling as it violates Township Ordinance and creates a hazard for plow operators.  This also applies to all snow plowing contractors.  All snow accidentally deposited on the roadway should be promptly removed.


  • Vehicle Parking:   Parking is not permitted on any township road during or after a snow event. Vehicles parked and/or disabled in the roadway WILL BE TOWED. Please CONTACT THE POLICE DEPARTMENT if your vehicle is disabled or stuck on the roadway. They will assist you in getting it to a safe location. If you do not contact the Police and leave your vehicle, IT WILL BE TOWED. Please park away from the roadway to avoid snow from hitting your vehicle when plows pass.


  • Vehicle Operation:   Please remember to remove all snow and ice from your vehicle, including the roof, prior to driving on public roads.  


  • Pedestrians in the Roadway:   Please be aware of plowing/salting activities.  Keep away from the roadway when trucks are on your road, especially children who cannot be easily seen.


  • Garbage/Recycling cans:    Please place all receptacles in your driveway or as far off the roadway as possible. This will allow the plow operators to properly clear the snow from the roadways and allow the hauler’s crew to collect the materials.  A receptacle placed in the street creates potential hazards for the plow operators and the public as they try to navigate the roadways.


  • Solid Waste\Recycling Collection:   If your scheduled solid waste collection is canceled or the hauler is unable to finish the entire township, please remove your receptacles and/or bags from the roadway.  Rescheduled collections will follow the schedule on the “Solid Waste and Recycling” page of the website.  If the hauler indicates to the Township that a specific schedule will be followed that is different from the one posted on the webpage, that schedule will be posted on the Sparta Homepage as well as the Police Facebook page and other media outlets.  Please be patient and assured that all of your solid waste will be collected even though a scheduled day is missed.


  • Basketball Posts:   Please remove all basketball posts that are located within the road or the road right-of-way.  Posts and backboards can damage Public Works equipment while they perform snow related duties.


  • Fire Hydrants:   The owner of any property upon which a fire hydrant is located, shall have the duty of keeping the hydrant and the area immediately surrounding it free from snow, brush, weeds, debris or any other thing which might impede access to the hydrant.


  • Side Walks:   If your properties abut or border a street with a sidewalk, you are required to remove snow and ice within 12 daylight hours after snow fall ends.  In the case of ice which may be so frozen as to make removal impractical, you should cover the sidewalk thoroughly with sand or other grit material.  Please be mindful that plows may come through repeatedly after you have shoveled and cover the sidewalk again.  It is your responsibility to keep the sidewalk clear of snow and ice following a snow event.