What needs to be on the construction drawings?

The following needs to be included on a construction drawing:

  • Occupant load
  • Construction type
  • Use Group(s)
  • Scale, ¼ inch – 1-foot minimum, showing all dimensions
  • Code and Year used for the design
  • Floor plans of all levels with all rooms labeled
  • Location of smoke detectors
  • Elevations (front, side and rear) indicating window and door dimensions
  • Insulation R-values.  (An Energy Code Compliance Report must be included with your application)
  • Location of safety glazing
  • Manufacturer’s design specifications for prefabricated fireplaces
  • Foundation plan
  • Footing details (minimum footing depth is 42”)
  • Structural framing plans of all levels accurately detailing all members
  • Structural details of connections
  • Typical wall section with sheathing thickness and type (special products or devices require a research or evaluation report)
  • Roof framing plan
  • List of material specifications including but not limited t grade and species of lumber, concrete strength, and steel strength
  • List of design load criteria: live load, dead load, snow load, wind load, bearing capacity, and lateral earth pressure (for Sparta Township:  ground snow load = 40 psf and wind speed = 80 mph)
  • Name of the person preparing the drawings
  • If plans are prepared by a registered design professional, both sets of plans must bear the original seal and signature
  • Truss Shop Drawings for pre-engineered floor or roof trusses
  • Plumbing fixture layout and riser diagram
  • Electrical plan

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