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Municipal Clerk

  1. Pet License Application

    Pet License Application / Renewal Request Form

  2. Valley Bank Community Board Request

    Request for posting information on the Valley National Bank Community Sign

  1. Sparta Township Committee Appointment Application

    The Sparta Township Committee Appointment Application is used to apply for appointment to Township Boards and/or Committees. This... More…

Parks and Recreation

  1. Camper Registration Form-Sparta Recreation Day Camp at Camp Sacajawea

    Welcome to Sparta Recreation's Day Camp Program at Camp Sacajawea! This registration form is mandatory in order for your child to... More…

  2. Theater Center Community Information Board Request

    This form is to request the posting of a message on the Sparta Theater Center Community Bulletin Board.

  1. Rec. Dept Summer Day Camp Employment Application

    This employment application is for prospective summer day camp staff positions only.

Water Department

  1. Final Water Meter Read Request
  1. Rental Final Read Request Form

    This form is for requesting a final water read on a rental property. The Sparta water utility will contact you if inside meter access... More…