Billing Due Dates

In an effort to make water and sewer billing more convenient for our customers, the anticipated billing schedule can be reviewed below. Please make a note of these important dates. Also, please be advised that if payment is not received by the due date, late charges will apply. This late policy includes instances where bills were undeliverable or lost in the mail. If you have not received your bill during the 30 days prior to the due dates for each quarter listed below, then we would recommend contacting the Utility office early enough to obtain your outstanding account balances before late penalties accrue. Additionally, if you do have concerns about receiving bills, then we would recommend contacting the Utility office to verify that your account's mailing information is updated and accurate. The number to the Sparta Township Utility office is 973-729-7133.

Billing Mail DatesBilling Due Dates
1st Quarter - February 15
1st Quarter - March 15
2nd Quarter - May 15
2nd Quarter - June 15 
3rd Quarter - August 15
3rd Quarter - September 15
4th Quarter - November 15
4th Quarter - December 15